How can I mult the output of a MIDI track to route to multiple instuments?

I would like the output of one MIDI track to route MIDI to the input of multiple VSTi tracks. How can I do that?

MIDI Tracks (but oddly not Instrument Tracks) have 4 MIDI sends on them that you can use. If you need more than 4 you can cascade them or use a Virtual MIDI Cable like LoopBe.


Eh ? Why not just selecting the MIDI Track as the input on all the Instrument Tracks ?

Different outcome. In this case I want to record to the MIDI track only.

But it does not prevent you to record only the MIDI track either :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So I just tried the insert method, but quite bizarre is that this bypasses any of the MIDI insert FX on the VSTi channels. Right now on a mac and tried the MIDI network setup. Oddly that only works between apps, but not to route out and back into Cubendo.

Not sure what you mean.
The MIDI track is not available as a MIDI input:

Because the MIDI Track doesn’t show up as an available source for MIDI. Would be nice if it did, but they don’t. The workaround is to use a Virtual Cable.

Not a Mac person so have no suggestions about Virtual Cable problems on Macs.