How can I not lose my Project when upgrading Cubase?

Hey, What’s up?

So, I want to upgrade my Cubase 8 to 10.
I received an invite on my email the other day from Steinberg to upgrade.
And I want to do it, but I have over 200 projects that I’m working on.
And I don’t want to lose any of them by installing the new version.

So, I want to know, how can I install the new Cubase 10 on my computer,
without losing VST files or any projects I’m currently working on?

What would be the procedure be in order to keep my stuff.

Anyway, I hop you guys can help me out with this one.
Thanks for your time and for reading.
Stay safe! (:

When you install C11 you will have two completely independent Cubase installs. So you can go back and forth between them.

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Thanks! So, I install the new Cubase and I can use my projects, VSTs, etc without losing anything?
What if I want to unistall the older version of Cubase? Where can I place the Projects?

Same place, Cubase Projects Folder in your Documents folder, the default location you are probably using now.

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I would recommend not uninstalling your old version of Cubase. I would also make a backup copy of all your current projects to another location. At least until you know everything is transferring over correctly. There should be no problems, but I’m a bit paranoid whenever making big changes. One way or another, it’s a good practice to backup important data. For example, your Cubase projects.

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Also, it’s Cubase 11 now. I just realized you said 10.

I’m doing a backup of all my files right now. I already installed Cubase LE 10, I don’t have a code for the 11 version.
Everything is in place, except for the fact that some of my VSTs are 32 bit and I can’t open them in this new version of Cubase. How can I fix this?

Thanks for replying, guys! (:

Also, if I decided to uninstall Cubase 8 from my PC, would it affect the Projects folder? I mean, delete them or something like that? That’s my main worry right now.

I’m thinking of uninstalling it because of the space on my PC. I love that Cubase version, but I needed the upgrade.

Oh, you are using LE? This is why details are important. You must be talking about the free update that was announced awhile back.

Anyway …

If you are still using 32-bit plugins (why!?) and they are reliably working in your old version, DO NOT UNINSTALL IT!