How can I optimise the display (GUI) on a 40" screen?

Hi All

For years I’ve used twin 24" monitors with Cubase but want to try one single 40" screen.

My attempts to re-size windows have not been successful so far so I revert to twin screens.
Can anyone offer advice on this? Windows Graphic settings only seem to let me increase the size (125%/ 150% etc)

so many people are using big screens I’m clearly missing something and looking for a Cubase Pro 10 setting- is there one?

many thanks, joe

Joe it depends on if HiDPI is enabled or not. If its switched off whatever scaling you select on your Monitor will be reflected in Cubase. Switched on if your Monitor scaling is 125% Cubase will open at 100%, if your monitor is on 150% Scaling Cubase will open at 200%. Most people find 100% too small and 200% too large and therefore cannot use HiDPI. It is something Steinberg are aware of and they say it has high priority to be fixed.

Hope that helps.

Hi Quietly
Thanks for your response. I’d better stay with the 2 x 24" screens until Steinberg meets it’s high priority then, :unamused: