How can I peak normalize an album in a montage?

I see so many advanced loudness options, but not the simplest thing.
I often have the case, that a customer sends 24 bit files for a CD, but there is too much unneccesary headroom. Apart from this, no mastering is wanted.
In Samplitude, I selected all objects (=clips) and pressed N. Then they were all adjusted by the same amount - and the loudest samples were normalized to zero. Then I lowered them sum to maybe -0.3 and was done.
How do I do this in Wavelab? For me, this a very important function, because it is not always wanted to modify loudness between the tracks or to reach a specific LUFS target.

Or is “Meta Normalizer” not the correct dialog where I’m looking for this?

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You could do this by setting up a simple batch processor and inserting the normalizer plugins and dither that you require.

File>New>Batch Processor

I don’t see anything different there. It’s all about loudness normalizing, not peaks (?)
And I want to normalize within my montage. All clips should be adjusted by the same amount - as if you’d peak normalize them as one big file. To normalize each clip separately would destroy an already mastered album…

Have you tried Loudness Meta Normalizer with factory settings?
or do by ear with clip(s) and insert a limiter…

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OK … I think I misunderstood.

The simple Level Normalizer references peaks only. (select-able from the pull down).

Have tried this, but the default settings are not what I need.

And doing it by ear would be such a poor workaround, that I would go back to Samplitude…
I can’t believe that this is not possible.

That is an offline tool, working only for single files.
How would you do what I described with this?

When you say, “All clips should be adjusted by the same amount”… then that’s just a gain. And since there is a logical peak limiter, normally there is already all that you need (you could increase the montage output prior to the loudness meta normalizer being applied).
Else, please explain what you exactly need.

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Thank you. I’m not sure if this is what I need. This would limit my audio, if I apply too much gain in your second picture?
I’ll try to explain better:
My customer sends his album in separate hi-res-files. The loudness between the tracks should stay as it is, but there is a headroom of (for example) 6dB. (Which doesn’t make much sense for a CD.)
Ideally, I could do two things now: select all clips, and normalize them as a group. Wavelab detects the clip with the smallest headroom (6 dB in this case), and applies 6 dB gain to all clips.
Or I could normalize the track gain. But I must be sure that nothing is limited.
I’m used to do this very easily, because I’ve just migrated from Sequoia/Samplitude.
I know that there are some workflows, that must be rethought when switching the DAW.
But this is something, I’m really missing. If I understood right so far…

edit: it seems to work for the track output, as you described.
Maybe I can live with it, although it would be nice to have that for a selection of clips, too.
But as multi-selection of clips and adjusting their parameters grouped isn’t possible too, I’ll have to learn to live without it.

Thank you


It is possible, if the clip volume envelopes are all flat. In that case, select all clips and move up/down the envelope to adjust the envelope gain of all clips.

Something else. In the batch processor, there is a special plugin called “Meta-Leveler” that allows you to achieve what you are looking for, but with producing new files. See:

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WaveLab 12 can now do this, both in the batch processor (Meta-Leveler) and Audio Montage (Meta Normalizer).