How can I playback with Computer speakers and NOT Audio Interface speakers ?

I don’'t want the audio to playback through my Audio Interface Box. (its annoying).
I want the playback sound to play out of my Desktop Computer speakers.

Windows 7 (64-bit) Desktop
Condenser Mic plugged into Audio Interface (M-Audio Fast Track II)
Cubase 10 Pro

I am using the Fast Track ASIO driver that came with my Audio Interface for the MICROPHONE.
BUT: I dont want to use this device to PLAYBACK the audio.

Doesnt Cubase allow for INPUT & OUTPUT to have different drivers ?

In the Audio set up, I can only select ONE device.
How can I get it to show BOTH of my devices ?
or, at least, how can I achieve my goal to use Audio Interface for Mic Input, and Computer Driver for Output ?

Thank you :wink:

I don’t think you can. The built in sound card and the M-Audio use different technologies. (ASIO vs. Windows Audio)

“Doesnt Cubase allow for INPUT & OUTPUT to have different drivers ?”

NOPE, you need another DAW if that is what you want. (StudioOnePro)

You may look at making an Agreggate Device with ASIO4all, not sure if it does or not. If it does you could have all the inputs and outputs of both your soundcard and your interface and just select the ASIO4 ALL driver.

**Hook things up so you are using your interface, THATS why you have the thing. Dont make things hard on ya self

ok. Point taken.
I just didnt want to buy a new pair of speakers just for cubase audio interface output.
But today I found an old set of small speakers which i can now use as the AUdio Interface Output :wink:

One thing I cant work out is how to get the Midi to play out of the Audio Interface Output along with the other tracks.
At the moment, the Midi is wither playing out of the “Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth” (computer speakers) or out of my DIgital Piano.

Do you know how to find an option to route it through the Audio INterface Output ?

If you want to hear your digital piano through the interface you’ll need to plug audio cables from piano to fast track inputs…the fast track should have a direct monitor function to hear it without latency.

Or you can load a vst instrument like Halion in Cubase and put the midi on the instrument track to trigger it.