How can i Quantize only the Beginning of the Notes ?

Hi there,

How can i Quantize only the Beginning of the Notes ?

I m asking because i do not want the end to shift while groove quantizing


If you apply the common Quantize (Key Command Q) only the Start of the Notes is quantized. If you want to quantize the Length or the Ends, you have to quantize these dedicated parameters from the Quantize tab.

So by default, only the Start is quantized.

I think Wellbased is asking if it is possible to quantize the start of a note without changing its current end position (which I don’t think is possible by Quantize… only by physically dragging the left edge of the note in the Key Editor (with Snap activated, of course) )

I think I’m having the same issue. When I Midi record the Recording does not start at 1.00 it actually starts before 1.00 and i have to shift it to One
never had this problem before… is something turned on that should not be???

Since Cubase 9.5 there is a preferences, where you can set how many ticks ahead should be included in the MIDI Part. This settings should help.