How can I quickly move an event to a particular TC point?

So far the only way I found is to putting the cursor on the TC I need to be and then using the move event to cursor option. Is there a direct way where you can just input the TC (or measure)?

At the same time, maybe an option to shift the audio a determined number of samples?


Aloha I and +1

Sometimes I think we could use a sort of
‘Command Line’ input in Cubase.

GUI input is nice but in some cases command line input can be so
much more precise.

I love working in the ‘Logical Editor’ but even it has limits.

As a 2 step process you can input a timecode to move the cursor to, and then move event to cursor. I have key commands set up for both operations so it’s quite painless.

Yes, coming from DP I really miss a dedicated window for this, I was hoping I just didn’t know where it was :smiley:
A very useful “Shift” tool would be great. Something that let you you move or spot events to any place (TC, seconds, bars, samples) or add/subtract. It’s great when you are trying to a dialog that is not in sync with video or a loop that is not feeling “right” or to do deal with picture changes, etc.

I guess you could create a macro of this. How would you input the TC in one step if you are using bars and beats as your default display?

Enter the required TC address in the start field of the infoline.