How can I recall my saved presets? (MAC)

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I have a problem with presets… I made a nice preset on the Filterbank and I saved it in .vstpreset and I can find the file where it is stored on my Mac…

But when I want to use this preset again in another track, no preset is shown and it doesn’t appear in the media bay as well.

The same happens with track presets…

Please, let me know if you can help me solve this problem, which is quite annoying.

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You have to rescan the media bay for it to show the newly saved presets. They will appear then in the user content folder of the VST Sound directory.


thanks for your answer…

but I think it has already rescanned both my HD because I cannot press the “scan” button.

I noticed that the presets from Cubase plugin can be easily recall, but preset from third party plugin cannot be found, even if they stand in there dedicated folder in .vstpreset.

the same for track presets…

any clue about this?


Check again the following path in the media bay: VST Sound > User Content > VST3 Presets. See if you are able to rescan the VST3 Presets folder if you select it.


thanks again for your answer…

I unchecked the boxes and check them again to rescan… but when I write and look for the preset name… no match is founded :frowning:

I am going to have to agree with you. Where in the heck are the presets? Where are my automation points? Why have I payed for an update that completely screws up my workflow.

Some people here pay their mortgage with their production work, and when things like this happen it makes you really wonder . . .

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