How can I record automation while playing a composition?

WIndows 10 PC with Clarett 2pre.

I am able to use a Korg NanoKontrol 2 to adjust the modwheel to vary the level while playing back a piece, either in Write or Play mode using Kontakt to play their new Stradivarius Cello library…

How can I record this while Dorico is playing the piece? I can do this easily in a DAW, but cannot figure out how in Dorico. This would be MUCH easier and more accurate than drawing in the automation on the play screen.

This would be especially good with the Spitfire products to adjust CC11 or expression.

You should be able to do it using real-time recording: position the caret on the instrument where you want the controller data to go, then as you record use whatever controller you’re using to encode the data. If you don’t play any notes, the notes won’t be overwritten, but the controller data will be recorded.

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I don’t mean recording while playing a piece on the keyboard. I mean a piece that is already written with no automation recorded. Playing it back and adjusting it while it is playing.

Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but even if I place the caret and move the control up and down without the piece playing, it does nothing. I tried both the nanoKontrol2, and the modwheel on my keyboard and nothing happens in the automation lane.
Both the NK2 and the modwheel DO affect the sound while the piece is playing. It’s just not recorded.

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You don’t need to play any notes: start recording and use your encoder while the music is playing back and Dorico is recording, and the automation will be recorded.

That worked! I can’t tell you how many time I have tried that and clicking on record did nothing.
This time it started the metronome and played the piece while I used the NK2, and it was all recorded. Do you have to place the caret before you can start recording?

Thank you so much!

Yes, you need to tell Dorico which instrument you intend the automation to be targeted towards. Just make sure something is selected on the target instrument before you start recording.

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