How can I redirect the stereo out to a group?

Hello, sometimes I have projects with over 70 tracks with group, FX etc.

I want to replace the main stereo out with a group in order to leave a few channel (for instance the kick or a bass) going directly to the stereo out and everything else to be sent to a group with dedicated FX.

Of course I could do it manually track by track skipping the channels already assigned to other sub-groups.

This would take very long and I’m sure that Cubase has a workaround.

Alternatively while I’m building a project is there a way to replace the default out from Stereo out to a group?


  1. Select tracks in MixConsole and hold Alt-Shift while assigning an output on one of them.

  2. No

Wrong way round! Create your groups first and route them to stereo out.

Create and save a template with your preferred project mixer layout, better still create a few for differing style, huge timesaver