How can i remove libraries Halion Sonic3

By my mistake i have installed the update from Halion Sonic 3 (but i have Halion sonic SE3).Now when open Halion Sonic SE3 or cubase pro9 shows up the message-Some content not be loaded.Either licenses are missing,or trial licenses have expired:Halion sonic Factory program Presets 01 ,02 and Halion Sonic Factory Layer 01,02.Where can i find (in my pc) these libraries or expired libraries and remove.(I have cubase pro 9-win 10)I need your help Thanks!!

Just uninstall Halion Sonic 3 by going to “Programs and Features”, found in Window’s Control Panel.


I don not see Halion sonic 3 in programs and features I do have Halion Sonic SE which came with cubase 9.5 Pro that I see

DId you also install Halion Sonic 3 update by mistake then? Otherwise I’m not sure what you’re getting at?