How can I remove page breaks in Write mode?

I find Dorico often generates errors when I try to copy-paste across page breaks - that is, when I select and copy measures that go across a page break, pasting often results in an error. For this reason - and to edit more quickly in general - I want to know how to remove all page breaks in Write mode, so that the measures flow uninterrupted from end to end (clefs and key signatures would only be stated at the very beginning of a flow unless changed).

Under “view” - “signposts” make sure Frame Breaks is selected. You should see little pink tabs in your music. You can delete the Frame Breaks then go ahead and do your copy procedure. Or alternatively, if you want to retain the layout of the music you’re copying from, select what you want to copy and deselect the Frame Breaks individually by ctrl/cmd-click then go ahead with your copy procedure.

Have you tried Galley View?

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This is what Galley View is for. It’s under the View menu.

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