How can I sample songs like Kanye west in Cubase?

Can I sample a song like how kanye west does in the video below? If so, how?

I guess the answer is with a lot of hard work and learning how to use samplers like Kontakt to assemble your beats etc.

Although I think my response is probably not relevant, as I don’t like what he does and I don’t like his attitude towards other musicians. I guess I sympathise with Beck.

Thanks! Is Groove agent capable of such?

I think you can do a fair amount with Groove Agent. However with Kontakt you can access a huge amount of ready made stuff online. Actually Kontakt is quite easy to create your own set of sounds.
The real difficulty is in finding the stuff to sample. If you want to use old vinyl you would have to convert to digital so you would need a deck, phono stage etc. Then you can use Cubase to cut paste and edit your samples ready to be dropped into Kontakt. I am afraid that like anything it will require quite a learning curve and research.

A computer + Groove agent or kontakt or Halion 5 or …Geist, any soft sampler and a bunch of cds/mp3s or search on net. and also get some tutorials online.

to get that particular sound though, he is using Akai mpc i think, it looks like an old trusted one too. they have there own unique sound and flavor/swing/grit. but that is just a preference. as said any soft sampler will do

GA4 is really good for the purpose of sampling a full loop of music.

Kontakt and e.g. Vengeance Phalanx is great for “one shot” samples.

As an owner of Groove Agent, Geist, Kontakt and Battery I would say that Battery (oddly) is the easiest and most intuitive to get started. I like the look-and-feel of its UI the best, too.

Geist is probably my favorite, otherwise.

Kontakt is deep, anything is possible, but with that complexity comes more of a learning curve.

I’m not a fan of Groove Agent, but to be fair I haven’t spent much time with it.

If you want sexy hardware to go along with it (and have the funds), there is of course NI Maschine (various models) and the “Maschine 2” software to accompany it.

Start with with you have, of course.

Many samplers (including Groove Agent) allow you to change into “vintage” modes where samples are played back at legacy bit and sample rates to get that grit back.


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He’s using the ASR 10 in that video which was my first keyboard sampler. What the sampler is doing is increasing the pitch from the root key. There are many other ways of getting the same effect in cubase.

Groove Agent, Padshop Pro, Loopmash and elastique pro tape will give you the effect when you increase the tempo which will increase the pitch / key. Also recording the sample and pitch shifting it.

Keep in mind a lot of rappers use the Akai MPC the equivalent of Groove Agent SE which is an amazing an very complex sampler.

I think I need to revisit Groove Agent 4. The integration with Cubase looks great.