How can I save a device port as default?

I am remotely working in Cubase Artist 10 with two other people and we all use the same projects, which are saved in separate Dropbox folders. I use a 12 Channel Soundcraft mixer as a USB interface to my PC, another guy uses a 24 Channel Soundcraft mixer USB interface to his PC and the third uses a Scarlett 2i4 USB Interface to his Mac. Overall everything works great. If I work in a file, save it and close Cubase, the next time I open it my audio connections - channels 9 and 10 to the stereo out bus - are fine. If one of the other guys works in a project, saves and exits, when I open the project my output ports change from channels 9 and 10 to channels 1 and 10. Not a big deal to open the window and change channel 1 to channel 9 (every time) and I have already saved a preset for this setting but it’s easier to just change the port. It seems there ought to be a way to open Cubase including this preset or better yet to have Cubase remember the settings. Any thoughts?

Just a thought as I never tried it…
Try checking the “Only External Projects” option in the Preference>General menu.

These preference settings are for project views but, imo they don’t work as described in the op manual. So maybe it will help. If you try it, please report back. Thanks.

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The “Only External Projects” box was checked so I changed it to never. It might keep their settings from interfering with mine. The other guys are in the US so I won’t know if it works until tomorrow but I will let you know…

Well that (The “Only External Projects” box was checked so I changed it to never.) didn’t work. At least I am getting quick at changing the port right after I open Cubase.

Sorry it didn’t help. Just wondering if the other guys changed it on their systems too?

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The guy with the Mac has to reconnect his Scarlett EVERY time he restarts his computer. It doesn’t remember that he has it at all. I’ll have to ask the other guy about his PC experience.