How can I save an individual audio clip, after processing?

just upgraded to Cubase Artist from Elements

I have a single drum hit in an audio sample
I use the sample editor to apply an envelope to silence some trailing noise.
Now I want to save that processed clip to my hard drive.

  1. I looked in Audio Pool and, for the Drum hit that I copied and did a couple different edits on, Audio Pool shows the exact same file/path to the original wave file, for all three different instances.
  2. I tried “make direct offline processing permanent” but that had no effect.
  3. I tried dragging the audio clip off to the desktop, it seems to not want to do that.

*** Is there a way to simply output my audio clip with my processing, without setting ranges and treating it like a mixdown export? ***

Thanks for helping me!
I want to be able to use Cubase for some bonehead audio editing, so I wont have to install Audition on this new machine…
but it is not obvious how to get a processed sound back into a new wav file.

In the case you explained -> “Bounce selection”

How do you get it saved, stored and filed away in your media bay so it’s ready to use in any other project ?

Bounce will ask ‘New version?’ ‘Replace old?’ Make a choice and then it will be saved in the Audio Pool. Copy and drop into Media Bay or drag and drop from the pool.

Thanks !

Just listing some things I tried.

New project

Add an audio clip
Media Bay, drag a WAV to the project. Copy to project folder? YES.
Pool lists that filename, its path points to a copy in my Cubase projects folder. Good

copy it in the project and modify it
Alt-click and drag to copy it to a second instance in the project.
Pool still shows that file 1 time. I notice the “Used” column says 2 now. Makes sense. 2 of it now?

Double click on the new clip / instance. Select some of the audio in the Sample Editor.
Inspector > Process > add Process > Silence
Create a new version? YES
Pool now shows two files, each with Used = 1. Makes sense.
The filepath of both is the same, both point to the same original file.

Pool “Status” column has a red symbol in the one I edited hmm, maybe the change is not committed to the file?

(now I’m guessing and trying to think of your tips)

right-click the modified file in Pool > Audio > Make Direct Offline Processing Permanent
the red symbol in Status is now gone, and its file path has changed to be a new WAV file - yay

I also tried this

right click > Audio > Bounce Selection
it let me pick the folder and a new file name
but Bounce Selection is not always present in that context menu when I right click a file in the Pool. Only on some, so I’m not sure why that is, maybe only for files that have been processed but not saved?

Thanks for the replies!

When you modify the file in your Project, Bounce it there (not in the Pool). Then select ‘New’ when asked and you will see the new file added to the pool and the original one as well.