How can I sell my products?

I have Cubase 12 Elements
Cubase 11 Elements (upgraded to 11)
Retrologue 2
Lofi Piano
Anima Wavetable

Your options are currently very limited.

Steinberg have yet to launch the transfer system for Steinberg Licensing licences. They will require that upgraded licences stay together. This means that you cannot currently sell Cubase 12 with your upgraded Cubase 11 licence.

Lofi Piano is a free product and has no resale value.

Retrologue 2 and Anima Wavetable can be sold, but the licences must be transferred physically on a USB eLicenser. This makes resold licences fairly unattractive unless the buyer already has a USB eLicenser or the seller has a spare USB eLicenser. Licences transferred to a USB eLicenser cannot be moved back to soft eLicenser. A further problem with these licences is that Retrologue 2 is included in Cubase Artist, Cubase Pro, Nuendo and Absolute, so many who want it choose to upgrade to one of these products rather than buy a standalone licence.

There is a resale assistant, but it is currently offline pending revision, presumably to add Steinberg Licensing support.

Ok. Thank you very much