How can I send the Mididata of one track to more than one Midiport at once?

I am currently testing (in Vienna Ensmble Pro 7) the Spitfire BBCSO , which comes with an impressive Bunch of Microphonepositions for each of its Orchestral instruments, which will overburden nearly every local RAM of any DAW-System, if you would realy load all Microphoneposiotions which might be nice to have in the mix.

That is why I do want to load the same Vienna Ensemble twice at the same time. Once on my local system and a second on a Slave-PC, with the only difference, that the Slave-System shall load additional Microphone positions, for which the host runs to short on his RAM.

IT would make it easy to programm the Project without any Slave always running and just open it for the rendering.
That is why I need to know, how it is possible to send the midioutput of a certain track to more than one Midiport at once.

Use the midi sends on the midi track. There are 4 send slots on the midi track. Cool bonus is that you can put a midi insert on the midi send, so you can go deep as far as experimenting. If you need more then 5 channel outputs on each midi channel, you might have to look in to 3rd party program to split up your midi, to keep a clean project window.

Yes I found it. Thanks for you immediate heklp.