How can I set up the metronome of a project to 6/8 so that the BPM value is a dotted quarter note? Please!

Hi everyone, I’m working on a 6/8 song but I don’t remember if It’s possible to set up the metronome to the BPM value will be a dotted quarter note.
I hope you can help me, please.


(I’m using Cubase pro 10.5 on Mac))

Set a click pattern (e.g., in the transport bar) image to create a 6/8 pattern
like this:

I think the one displayed here is one of the included presets.

OK, Thank you very much for your reply.

My question is: if I change the BPM from 80 to 100 (it’s just an example). That value afect to the eigth note or to the dotted quartet note in 6/8?, How Can I know that mate?.
How can I have the control of this setting?.

You gotta do the math. Does the beat equal quarters? If so multiply by 1.5 to get the value for dotted quarters

ok, thanks Steve!