How can I split an octave passage into two staves

How do I split an passage written in octaves into two staves.

If you have two instruments, you can select the passage, then—
Edit > Filter > Notes in Chords > Top… or Bottom…

Then you can cut & paste, or—
Edit > Paste Special > Move to Staff Above/Below

Hope this helps?

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Hi Thiago, Thank you very much. Great help indeed.
Maybe you can also tell me how I remove the whole bar rests that stay because I split the octaves. Now I have a single line with bars rest for the second player;-)

Hmmm… if you enable View > Note and Rest Colors > Voice Colors, do all the notes and rests turn blue? (Or a single color)?

If not, you may have different voices, and if you unintentionally write into another voice you can end up with notes + bar rests.

Try: select passage in second player, then Edit > Voices > Change Voices > Upstem Voice 1


Aah… Yess!! There were two colors/voices. The solution you gave did the trick. Thank you very much. You are magic;-)
Have a great evening,

My pleasure, Jan — glad it worked out!

To remove unnecessary rests, you can also select them (in Write mode) and choose Edit>Remove Rests.

Thank you jgg, However this removes all the rest. Nevertheless a welcome new learning for me so thank you very much.

All the best,

I do not know the exact configuration you are dealing with when you use Remove Rests, but you may want to check this. I have found that if I Click/SHIFT+Click individually the rests I want to remove in a measure (or more) I can use Edit > Remove Rests to clear just the ones I want to. (Percussion excepted, of course.)

Jan, as Derrek says, you need to select the individual rests. You may be clicking inside the staff and selecting everything in that bar.

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