How can I stretch audio files in Cubase Artist 12?

I have Cubase Artist 12 and would like to time stretch offline audio. Unfortunately without success. The manual did not help me. How is this supposed to work?

To describe this in more detail: I first went to “Direct Offline Processing”. Then I selected an audio event. Then I selected “Time Stretch” via “Process”. Here I can then change the tempo. Looks plausible so far. But here I have absolutely no idea how to apply the stretching or the settings to the audio material? It also says “Add or drop processes here!” However, I have no idea how to do that exactly? Drag and drop? Anyway, that doesn’t work…

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The Direct Offline Processes are applied automatically.

You can also change the Object Selection to the Sizing Applies Time Stretch and stretch the Audio Event in the Project window. (I hope this option is available in the Artist edition.)

Thanks for the feedback.
What does it mean that the offline processes are applied automatically? Nothing happens there for me.
Unfortunately I can’t do anything with the second point. How exactly is this supposed to work with the stretching? Where do I have to select what exactly there?


I’m sorry, this might be different in the Pro and Artist edition. If it’s not sold automatically, there must be Apply button then.