How can I transform these tied notes into one note?

I want input a half note, not two tied quarters in the situation. And not for the entire piece, but only for these measures. Could you help me?

Check Notation Options—Note Groupings. You’ll see a visual of the one you want.

You can also do this by selecting the tie, Pressing O for Force Duration, then 6, then 7, but the first is the “proper” way.


Thank you for your reply. It works well!
May I ask you one more question?
What do you mean by “proper” way?
With notation options, I can solve the problem, but the changed options adjusts all bars, what I don’t want. But with force duration it works well with no problem. Might there be a problem if I use the force duration, which I don’t recognize?

Yes, Force Duration is best when you only want to change a certain spot.

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In Dorico, it is best to set the Options to what you want most of the time, and then make a few changes where you want something different.

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