How can I trigger the Trumpet Combi Expression 'Diminuendo' and 'Cresc-Decresc'?

I’m new to Expression Maps. ‘Accent’ and ‘Staccato’ are clear to me. However, I have not found a playing technique with which I can playback ‘Diminuendo’ and ‘Cresc-Decresc’ in Dorico 4.
2022-07-29 Trumpet Combi expression

Usually, CC1 and CC11 take care of it. Isn’t there already an expression map for this instrument ? Dynamics should be handled by those cc, not by velocity only.

The dynamic signs < (crescendo) and > (diminuendo) are controlled by CC1. Looking on the HALion Sonic SE instrument Trumpet Combi one can see the Expression wheel, selected as CC1 Modulation, moving up and down as well as the changing lines in CC1 selection in playback mode.

However, I was looking how the expression defined on key D#0 ‘Diminuendo’ or on key C0 ‘Cresc-Decresc’ can be triggered, so that this special instrument sample will be played instead of midi controller data.

With the midi controller keyboard by holding down one of these keys the instrument sample is triggered and one hear the ‘Diminuendo’ or ‘Cres-Decresc’ of the played note.

So, I have tried to record it with midi recording, but the only results has been, that these low key notes are recorded as well. But the instrument sample has not been triggered in the recording. In playback mode in line Playing technique one can see only Natural, Accent when there is an accented note in the score, or Staccato when the note is written as staccato. But ‘Diminuendo’ or ‘Cres-Decresc’ have not been recorded as playing technique there.

But how can I trigger the other two playing techniques ‘Diminuendo’ or ‘Cres-Decresc’ this is still a mystery to me.

Or is it impossible to trigger such playing techniques because they do not exist in Dorico for the selected instrument Trumpet Combi?

Or do I have to define this special technique manually?
I guess I have again to study a video tutorial about this topic.

Create a playing technique (call it eg cresc-dim) and set that to use the playback technique crescendo-diminuendo (which already exists in the HSO Trumpet expression map). Apply the technique to your notes using the shift-p popover and hide it using the switch in properties.

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You would need to create a playing technique manually to do this. I think you’ll find it’s infrequently useful, since of course recorded cresc./dim. samples will have a fixed length, which will usually not match the exact length you require for arbitrary note values at arbitrary tempos.

Thanks all for your feedback. In the meantime, I have studied the expression map video tutorial and now I understand the topic better. Finally, I have created the playing technique ‘Cresc-Decresc’ and ‘Diminuendo’ in the brass section and now the key switch will be selected when playing back the defined playing technique. In comparison to Natural the Cresc-Decresc Horn part starts smoother.