How can i Un-Mute Group track with already muted sources ?

Hi there,

I am trying to UnMute A Group Track that has Already Muted Channels sent in to it.

When i am UnMuting the Group//// It UnMutes the Muted tracks.

How can i unmute the destination group of the muted tracks while maintaining the mute on the channels that need to be muted ?


There is the preferences: VST > Group Channels: Mute Sources as well. This is switched On by default in Cubase. If you switch this Off, the source Channel Mute buttons, and the destination Group Mute buttons are independent.

Does it fit to your workflow?

Thank you, i was trying to keep it on so i could have possible fx sends or sidechain sources muted when muting the Group output.

But i will see how i can work with that - thanks again

Martin, thank you! Recently switched from Logic and this was driving me insane.