How can I update from Cubase 5 to 6? Please help

Hi, can someone please let me know how I can purchase an upgrade from Cubase 5 to 6.5? I can’t seem to find the proper link?

Anybody know the link?

Thanks Jeff

If you’re looking in the Steinberg shop (accessible via the “Shop” link at the top of you should find a page for Cubase 6.5.

However, if you’re in a country that they can’t ship to, you’ll have to contact your local Steinberg/Yamaha dealer.

HI Shinta215. Thanks for replying.

I have tried to purchase the upgrade online in the store and sure enough I am not able to do it because I live in Kenya.

So where can I find a list of the yamaha dealers in Kenya? If there are any that exist.

This is quite frustrating. Why can’t Steinberg provide a way to download.
Honestly this has me looking at Logic Pro. Same price as the upgrade.

Anyway thanks.

Hi , nevermind I think I found a yamaha dealer in Kenya.
Although I can’t wait to see his price!

If it’s more than the $200 bucks that the upgrade costs normally, I ain’t gonna be happy.