How can i use AKG C2000 B with UR28M??

Hi, i need help with de UR28M audio interface because of i can´t use a AKG C2000B microphone with this interface. It doesn`t work and I don´t why. The phamtom bottom is active but it does´t work. By the other hand, if i use it in other audio interface with a XLR / XLR cable, it works correctly, but if I use a XLR / Jack cable, it doesn´t work again. could it be the cable??. But, is there a specific cable to use it with this microphone??.

Thanks a lot!!

Phantom Power is not available on Jack connections, also Jack Inputs on interfaces are not Mic level inputs.

You must use an XLR to XLR for Phantom Power and the correct Input level matching.

Thanks a lot!, So, i can`t use this kind of microphones with UR28M???. This device has only jacks inputs…so, how can i use this microphones with UR28M device??, I can´t?

Thank you very much!

Incorrect! UR28M has XLRs on inputs 1&2.

Those 2 are combined plug/XLR inputs. There may be some plastic covers on them, which may it make difficult to fit XLRs, though (at least I’ve seen those things on different equipment with combo inputs). Removing those covers (if there is those in that model and if they are similar to those I’ve experiensed) may make the task easier.

Thanks a lot!!!. Yes, correct!!. As you can see…i have no idea of this devices, :smiley: , I tried to introduce a XLR cable and…it works!! :laughing:

Thank you very much, I thought i had bought something that I could´t use with this kind of microphones.