How can I use Maschine vst with Cubase?

Please, i want to play with Maschine vst into Cubase, but i do not knew how a can do this !
Please help me,

@cubase_11 Hi, from the picture it looks like you want to use Maschine’s transport for Cubase. Is that right?
What do you mean when you say you want to play with Maschine vst into Cubase? Do you want to use Maschine’s instruments too?

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yes I want to use in Cubase, Maschine vst, as I use Maschine standalone, with Transport and Arrange buttons ( SCENE, PATERN, TRACK, KEY MODE and CLEAR ).

If you are running Maschine as plugin on an instrument track it will sync to Cubase.

Use the Cubase transport controls/tempo etc.

You can trigger scene changes from a MIDI track in Cubase or manually as usual.

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you may be interested in this video made by my friend Jef:


Do you know why I like Maschine software with Komplete Kontrol Keyboard? Because that’s how Komplete Komplete Kontrol Keyboard looks like roland phantom synthesizer. We can edit piano roll like phantom. :slight_smile:
Komplete Kontrol with its plugins and Cubase and Arturia plugins can be seen as a phantom synthesizer. :slight_smile:
And if it is used with Maschine software, we can dream that we also have phantom synthesizer. :smiley:
I also have the Novation LaunchControl XL MK2, so what else can I say ? Phantom synthesizer is ready ! :smiley:

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Thank you so much for your kindness @jjitter, @xenteq and @Nico5

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@cubase_11 What I usually do is

  • Open Maschine VST in Cubase. Keep Maschine in ‚ÄėControl‚Äô Mode.
  • Use Maschine‚Äôs pads and knobs to record midi (inside Maschine itself or on a Cubase Midi Track).
  • Use Maschine‚Äôs Transport buttons for Cubase‚Äôs transport by creating a generic remote in Cubase. Or Mackie HUI would also do I think.

There are a few more workflows possible with Cubase and Maschine apart from this. Totally depends on how do you plan on using Maschine vst and hardware with Cubase in your workflow.

You can simply use the Maschine vst as a sampler vst plugin and nothing else. When it comes to the Maschine hardware, simply use it to control DAW transport and nothing else. Or simply use the hardware as midi controller to record midi in the DAW and nothing else. Or it can be a combination of all of them if you want.

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thank you @jjitter
i will try these and i will be back. :slight_smile: