How can I use the program that i bought?

I bought dark planet sounds about two years ago, anyway, changed computers, and as with all this stuff it didn’t fit on DVD so I guess I did not back it up but I have the activation code and password in my notes.
Also another question: I have 2 halion files, both over 4GB, how can I back it up if it does not fit on DVD?

1 Dark Planet - VST Sound Instrument Set
Win / Mac US $49.99
Download version

  1. Dual-layer DVDs hold twice as much as single-layer discs. Do you have a dual-layer drive?
  2. You can get a 1 terabyte USB hard drive for under $70 USD
  3. Some cloud services, like OneDrive, give you a certain amount of GB storage for free.

I don’t know what kind of drive it is, but the computer is a year old and it was one of the better ones. How about dark planet, where can I download it again?

Any way to download the Dark planet again?

Did you try the above link?

Missed it the first time - will I be able to just enter the codes without downloading it again? because it says “trial version” and it will take half a day to download.

The difference between the trial and full version is the license. You have a license already, correct? It may or may not install another trial license which will eventually expire but it doesn’t matter because you have a permanent license.

Thanks Jaslan. yes I have the authorization code?

Are you asking me or telling me? The authorization (technically ACTIVATION) code and the license are two different things. You type in the code to get the license to download to the dongle. Once you have it there (on the dongle) it is there permanently. When you install the trial it will put a temporary license for Dark Planet on the either on the computer (a software license) or on the dongle. I am not sure which but it doesn’t matter. When you run Dark Planet, it will look for a license. If you have one, either a permanent one that you bought, or a trial one that is not expired, it will allow you to use Dark Planet.