How can I use Waves plugins in 64-bit C6 Mac?

Or is it impossible?

I don´t get them working even with the Bridge, like I can with my other plugins. :frowning:

And JBridge isn´t yet for Mac either is it?

No one?

I’m afraid the Waves plugins are not 64-bit compatible yet, and, as you have noticed, don’t even work via the 32-bit Bridge (and I agree, it is shameful).

Yeah, Waves have probably had 64 bit drivers ready for ages but they’re just waiting for everyone’s WUP to run out. Then, guess what, we’ll have to pay, yet again, to make our plugins work.

There are plenty of alternatives to Waves plugins these days, beats me why people still buy these overpriced dinosaurs…for the brand maybe?


A somewhat expensive solution if you want them for VI’s-buy VE Pro.

Won´t the Waves plugins even work with the V8 + Steinberg bridge? I have V6, so I thought that was my problem. That would be pretty shameful indeed.

beatpete I never thought of that. I think you might be on them. This tactic would be very good business for them, but quite despicable business and I guess that´s what they are mostly known for…

Mauri I use them, ´cause I have own them for a long time and I like them, ´cause I have gotten good results, especially with the SSL and API bundle. I only have few bundles though and don´t plan to buy anymore, but I need to use them in 64-bit projects!

NYC Composer What are saying about VE Pro? To my understanding, you cannot run VST FX plugins with it, just VST instruments?

Sorry, it’s a Mac thing only at the moment, my error. You can use Audio Unit effects on a Mac, and most VST effects have a companion Audio Units version. However, there is hope:

Aloha M,
I totally agree with you but at the same time I must admit to myself,
nothing quite sounds like a full blown Waves set-up.

Many other plugs can come close (or sound ‘nice’ in their own way) but are still
not quite the same as Waves.

The issue then becomes, is that unique Waves sound worth the extra $?

My guess is for many folks yes.
Reason being that even with the high price tag, the Waves folks are still in
business and still makin $$.
Somebody is buying all that stuff.

Should be ‘way kool’ when 64 bit Mac versions arrive.

Yeah, I do love my Waves plugins but it still pisses me off that, undoubtedly, we’ll end up paying for 64 bit plugins.

Yes that´s true. I didn´t want to renew my WUP until they come out with 64-bit. But now I will probably have to pay double WUP price for the 64-bit versions, nice! :imp:

Many companies like Softube, East West (Spaces) hasn´t charged a dime for 64-bit versions, although Softube is still in the making as well, but they have announced it will be free.

Is there any news by the way about Waves 64-bit? It´s taking forever… They said they were going to release them in 2010.

I can´t believe I can´t use them even with the Bridge.

From what I’ve read, they’re working on a 64bit version but it will take time. No idea what the upgrade/update $$ implications are.

Their inability to work under the bit bridge has something to do with their proprietary WaveShell and/or iLok. I’ve seen the same behavior in other plugins that do weird memory-sharing dynamic-linking nonsense under the hood.

In terms of some sort of AU -> VST wrapper, none exist AFAIK. It seems that Apple has put in place contractual limitations for developers with regards the AU format and prevents anyone from making such a wrapper.

Whats everyones preference over waves plug’s?

Just asking… as was thinking of investing in waves in future…

The only info I could dig up was a press release from January 2010

“Waves is already working on native 64-bit versions of our plug-ins, but as our code base is so large and extensive, we do not anticipate full support before 2011. While we expect to make significant progress during 2010, an ETA will be published once we have better sense of the development schedule.”

The plugs are apparently functional in Logic 9 under AU via Logic’s bit bridge.

There is a working solution to the waves (issue) for operation in 64bit. It is a program called shell2vst. All you do is drop the waves shell on to this program and it converts them to 32bit VST plugs that will operate w/Bridge. You should be able to find this through Google but if not drop me a note through my website with your email and we can figure out where u can get it. I do believe it is freeware. FYI I have not used for mac because it doesn’t convert to AU. For Mac Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP) will allow you to use 32bit plugs flawlessly inside of 64bit. I don’t generally use the MAC 64 bit though, for me the PC works better for this. (VEP) works great for networking computers in asio applications

One year and half later, there’s no 64bits yet… :imp:

My point exactly. :smiley: D’un git yer hopes up, ah reckon.