How can I view music font options before making a selection?

It looks like there are 10 music font options. It would be nice to see examples before making a selection. I have been using the default so far.

Check out this page, which serves this purpose very well. (If you’re running 5.1.40, there’s a help button in the Music Fonts dialog that takes you directly to that page.)

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Bear in mind that some of the fonts are very limited in the number of glyphs they offer, so you’d need to make sure (in Font Styles) that Bravura gets substituted in for any missing glyphs.

Finale Legacy is very limited (415 glyphs, compared to Bravura’s 3,651), and really only if you want to make things look like old Finale files.

Finale Engraver is slightly less limited, and does have some merits.

Finale Maestro is quite decent; though really is mostly “slightly thinner” than Bravura. Both are based on similar analog designs.

Leipzig is very limited, and may not have some essential glyphs.

Leland is “inspired” by the glyphs in the old program SCORE – and let’s face it, the glyphs were not the best part of that. It’s the font used in MuseScore, and it’s possible that there’s an update available.

Sebastian has a large number of glyphs, and is reasonably comprehensive. It offers a slightly different look, favouring an older, engraved style. (I may be biased…)

There are of course other third-party fonts that you can buy.

If you want to pretend you did it with pen (but secretly everyone knows you didn’t):

Finale Jazz is pretty bad, Finale Broadway and Finale Ash are better. GoldenAge is quite good.


Thank you!