How can I view my current channel strip presets in Cubase 11?

Hello All,
I have been using some of the Cubase 11 channel strip presets for some of my tracks but I can’t seem to remember what some of those presets were and what they were named in the preset window. My problem is that I would like to know what my current chosen presets are. I don’t know how to view the current presets for each track because all I can see is the drop-down menu to browse future presets but not the ones that are currently saved for those particular tracks. I can save those presets and create my own name for them, but I don’t know what they were originally named. Does anyone know how I can view a currently activated channel strip preset so that I may identify it? As you can see from the picture below, the window does not display the setting that I am using on the Distorted Rhythm Guitar, only the setting that I used previously for my kick drum.

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I`m afraid it’s not possible to see the currently used preset.

Wow. It seems like something that is so simple and so obvious. I’m sorry to hear this. I guess from now on I will have to keep careful track when I choose a preset. Sometimes it’s hard to do because I’m trying many different ones to see which is the best for my project. Thank you for your reply.

I thought perhaps that I worded it the wrong way which is why I wasn’t getting a response before.

How can I request this feature to be added to Cubase? A feature that would allow users to view the current channel strip preset that they currently have in use on a track. I think this would be very useful to everyone.


Add the feature-request tag to the thread, please.