How can instruments be automatically changed along a track?

In the Halion Sonic SE3 interface I have filled the first 3 of the 16 slots with Halion instruments.

In the Inspector of the to corresponding track I can select any of these three instruments by changing the Bank Selector to 1,2 or 3. So far so good.

However, these selections are valid for the entire track. I on the contrary would like the track to automatically change instruments (e. from 2 to 3) at a certain point along the track. How can this be done?

PS: I want to keep everything on the same track. So a solution that involves adding midi tracks won’t work for me.

In the Track’s Inspector change the MIDI Channel to “Any” instead of to a specific channel number. Next in the Key Editor select all the notes you want to play on a specific channel and on the Info Line change the channel to the desired number. Repeat as needed for the remaining channels.

Thx for this brilliant solution, Reino! It’s nowhere to be found in the Manual but works like a charm!

Additional helpful hint:

When editing Channel data in the Key Ed you can set the note color based on the Channel # (instead of the default Velocity) to make it easier to see what you are doing. :mrgreen:

:arrow_right: Damn, but you are good! That’s at least the 3rd time you’ve saved me years of learning curve. I never saw that, but it’s a great feature.

Related question, if I may? Do you ever issue program changes within a track? How do I tell what program change number a patch uses? I’d like to take, say, Prologue (to keep it simple) and have to change from Patch X to Patch Y by recording or embedding a program change in the track. Thanks.

No I haven’t used Program Changes in ages (like the days of text based midi sequencers). It seems to me that originally Program Change was used to squeeze the most performance out the limited resources available when MIDI was introduced. In the current environment I prefer to see a bunch of tracks each doing one specific thing. And when I do want one track doing multiple things it seems easier to use Channel numbers rather than Program Changes.

That said it is all a matter of personal preference so you can just try stuff & see what you like.

Exactly. In my first set-up I used a Yamaha DX-7 and recorded program changes into the midi track via push button on the DX. It was all about saving polyphony in those days.

What might be good about some of the program changes is that you can name-select the various patches. I’ll give it a go. Thanks. And, how had I never thought about changing channels on a single track? That is gold.

A few days down the road, Raino, and the solution of assigning the appropriate channel to the individual notes in the Key Editor seems to have a flaw: the controller lanes (CC7, CC11, CC1 etc.) of the track only seem to pick up on the notes that are assigned to Channel 1. So I can’t use the CCs on notes that are assigned to Channel 2, 3, 4 etc. May I once more call on your resourcefulness?

SOLUTION FOUND: it turns out you can assign a channel, not just to individual notes, but to individual CC events as well!