How can tempo track events follow cuts and copies of all midi and audio tracks

I have many projects where I created tempo tracks which follow the global ritardandi and accelerandi of audio and midi tracks. This works fine. However, when I select all tracks (all containers) and either move or cut or copy some containers, they all stay in sync (which is good !), but the tempo events in the tempo track stay unchanged (and therefore the tempo becomes wrong).
For example suppose I want to move bars 8 to 15 of all tracks to the front of the song (so they become bars 1 through 7), I can cut all tracks using tool bar scissors from 8 to 16, and then move the first 8 bars of each track to the right, and then insert (paste) the cut 8-bar containers of all tracks to the beginning. But the tempo events did not change in the process and the tempo thus becomes wrong for the first 16 bars. Is there a way to fix that ?

Sometimes this is informally called “global copy”.

I think this is the manual section describing how to copy and paste entire ranges of a project: Cut, Copy, and Paste of Selection Ranges

Thanks. I tend not to use menus. But I will create key shortcuts right away. …

I’ve heard a lot of arbitrary self-imposed workflow exclusions, but have to admit that’s a new one :rofl:

Ha ha ! I meant that I use shortcuts a lot as going through menus/sub-menus via a trackpad or a mouse is a bit tedious. I thought I could use the usual cut and paste shortcuts, and since I do not use menus a lot, I did not realize there was a specific sub-menu to achieve what I was looking for. TBH I thought the user interface would be more user-friendly and “understand” that when you select all tracks containers the common tempo track events should follow any cut/copy and paste operation.
Thanks again anyway for letting me discover the range functions which will help in the future - with the appropriate keyboard shortcuts :wink:

There’s a fundamental difference between operations on selected individual events (including the special case of “all”) and operations at song level.

Because not everyone on every use case may have the same end goal as you in this case.

I’ve long been wishing for a computer that understands and does what I really want, rather than do what I tell it to do. :rofl: Until that happens we’re stuck with learning how to give the right commands. :man_shrugging: