How can you convert a .cpr file to mp3?

Can you please tell me how you can convert your project .cpr file to mp3 or .wav file format so that it can be played back on other equipment? The user manual doesn’t appear to show the method or at least I can’t find it.

It’s called Export Audio Mixdown

Thanks very much for your incredibly quick reply to my query. I’ve found it on the File tab and just got to find out how to use it. Having just tried, it shows an error message saying “The export range is empty. Please set the left and right locators”. Any idea what that means?


Yes, everything’s explained in the manual :

I would highly recommend watching some beginner tutorials on Youtube. The questions you are asking are very very basic/beginner questions and most definitely are answered in a huge amount of videos out there. But yes, also read the manual.

Thanks very much for your advice and appreciate you taking the time to answer my query.

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