How Can You Ensure You Load the Right (VST 3) Version of Your Plugin

I loaded Fabfilter Pro MB, which according to Plugin Manager is listed as being a VST 3.7xxx
but when I load it, the behavior is that of a VST 2. (It will not resize, which the VST 3 does do).

I can’t load from the Plugin Manager, and my plugin browser doesn’t list which are the VST 3. When I hit About in the Fabfilter plugin, it says 64 bit , which I think confirms that it is indeed the VST 2 (which explains why it doesn’t resize).
Where is this ability to choose which version of a plugin one loads, or how to configure the way plugins show up in the browser (I heard it was customizable but thus far I haven’t seen anything in the manual. In fact, when I search “plugin” i get zero results [edit - i see, ya’all call 'em plug-ins not plugins, ha!!!)

I found out I can hide the vst 2 versions. And that option is fine for Fabfilter products, but ideally I would simply like to give myself the option, in case I experience bugs with a VST 3 version - hiding everything would be time consuming besides the fact that plugin devs often cannot fully debug their products.

So my question is still, how can I get access to the information on what I’m loading from the plugin loading interfaces?


VST3 plug-ins have the /// symbol next to the name in the plug-in list.

Of you have VST2 and VST3 of the same plug-in installed (with the same plug-in ID), Cubase blocklist the VST2 version automatically to offer you the better VST3 version.

Thanks for that helpful response. To be clear, Fabfilter plugins had an issue where only the VST3 could be real-time resized. In retrospect and after playing with the VST Manager to hide the VST 2 versions entirely, I figured out that I may had just not dragged to the plugin from the right corner carefully enough. (ALthough I had no idea that those /// meant VST3. It would be good if info like that were in the manual and/or on a Youtube video. If I type find, /// in the Cubase 12 Pro manual I get no result - but maybe it’s there. Fabfilter Help on the plugin doesn’t actually reveal that its VST3, just that its 64 bit - but I was actually already using the VST3 version.

My question to you is this. In FL Studio I can see from the plugin wrapper itself what type of plugin architecture is being used. Is there a way to reveal this information from the plugin interface once it is opened in Cubase?
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No, I don’t think so. Maybe the plug-ins’ About screen.

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