How center new glyph with old one? Etc and glyph position things

How center new glyph with old one? Open symbol is circle. Half open is circle with diagonal line what comes outside of circle how i can put circles way they go same relative position. And closed plus symbol.

Is possible adjust distace how far this symbols are from note?

If they are Text items, you need to got to engrave options > text, if they are playing techniques you have to go to engrave options > plying techniques.
If you want to fine adjust only one instance, switch to engrave mode and move it there.

Tjese are notation font based ittems.

Problems found perfect amount move them.

Okay, but in which type did you enter them. Dorico knows several types of items (plying techniques, text, dynamics, holds and pauses, repetitions, ornaments) all of which can be edited in the music symbols editor.

Not yet done but i allready know. open ja closed symbols are this panel and i want use same level symply this third. centering this one same way what others is problem. bet this other different place becoues i think symbols in editing window follow symbol top left corner not symbol center point. i need font (soon order it) and also Pro. but i now use trial.

If you want the third symbol to be positioned as the open as closed, then you need to define a new plying techniques with that symbol, as these are playing techniques, too.

„Symbols in editing window“ has no defined meaning in Dorico so I still don’t know how you are entering your symbol.

Yes but when do new one is hard get centered same way these allready haved symbols are.
And i want enter symbols using this panel i showed.

It would be easier if you provided some more information (pictures, your procedures or even a project), than just saying that it doesn’t work.
For me usually the symbols I create for playing techniques are centered correctly.

I check it but somehow i think when both symbols use 0,0 corner position this one is not go same place. When circle is difference place in font i bet symbol i get problem.

this new symbol goed nice postion but i now needed contact its distrubutor becouse i dont know how i contact its designer. is thicker than other symbol what is close this.(this problem symbol is Half Open for Hihat,and Open symbol is what is close). Steinberg related part of thing is fine i worried reason but not good reason.

If you don’t like the design of some glyphs in Bravura, you are welcome to design your own SMuFL font. Information is available at

I dont have skills and no energy. and problem is Bravura gylphs but lacking one symbol. i buyed font such symbol but designed badly or to me is bad if Open and Half Open (this kind is missing in Bravura) symbol thickness is different. Its November 2.3. now i hope designer fix it.

Well Robert Piéchaud the designer of November 2 font is responsive to user requests for changes and improvements, albeit slowly. He incorporated a request of mine into the latest release.

So rather than just hope for a change in a vast set of symbols which even the designer may not be aware of, contact and make your request. Hoping alone wont get it done! :frowning:

I sent a support request to Klemm.

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Why don’t you just use the Open hihat symbol of November2, too?
Or even better: use November2 as your music Font? It’s beautiful!

becouse Open hihat circle this November 2.3 is different thickness what is in Hihat Half Open.

i also sended i hope they finally understand.