How come I seem to have a full version of WL 11 Elements without buying it?!


I’m slightly confused - I have downloaded and have started using Elements 11 (I think I downloaded by mistake, thinking it was 10), and it seems unrestricted, but I don’t have a license for it. I have one for Elements 10, which I purchased some time ago, but I’ve never purchased Elements 11.

The ‘about’ page doesn’t indicate a license of any kind, but when it starts up, the splash screen says ‘checking for licenses…Licenses valid’

Any help gratefully received, thanks.

Please run the Steinberg Activation Manager or the eLicenser Control Center to check which licenses are available on this computer.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Just did - only Cubase Pro 11 and WL 10 Elements there. That’s why it’s a bit odd.

Also, the SAM has nothing in it at all, for some reason.

It’s likely that Wavelab Elements 11 is running off the limited time “All Applications” license present in your USB-eLicenser. This license is meant to allow users to still be able to run their software in case something gets in the way of the activation process.

Once the “All Applications” license runs out, Wavelab Elements 11 should stop working.

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Aah, that solves it, thanks, much appreciated.