How "compatible" is Nuendo with Cubase?

I find the new cross/upgrade offer to Nuendo quite tempting, as I do a lot of video and film work.
But I was wondering about the actual compatibility between the two, since Cubase seems way more popular and consequently appears to be more supported by third party stuff.

For example, is hardware (like control surfaces etc) that’s advertised as supporting Cubase also supporting Nuendo? I think I remember reading about some control surface that was OK in Cubase but didn’t support Nuendo.
Is the CC121 working in Cubase as it does in Nuendo?
If I get, let’s say, a Yamaha MODX, which is said to be quite integrated with Cubase (not very clear if only via a VST or also in other ways), will that be integrated to the same degree with Nuendo (couldn’t get a useful reply on forums);
Will the Cubase recording templates that come with the MODX be usable in Nuendo?

There seems to be a number of people having Cubase licenses along Nuendo ones. Is this only because of cost or also for compatibility reasons and the fact that for some tasks or integrations, only Cubase is supported?


all that supports Cubase supports Nuendo as well,
but some things don’t work the other direction… (Nuage?, ID Controller, System5)

Hi digitallysane,

st10ss is right, Cubase and Nuendo share the same code so they both support (and are supported by) the exact same third party products out there. Nuendo just offers a bunch of extra features and functionality on top.

I would recommend for you to install the trial version and see it for yourself to be absolutely sure. You still have until June 21 to decide if you should crossgrade or not.

All the best

VCA’s operate differently in the way you connect them and Nuendo doesn’t currently support mutes on them, which Cubase does.

Def trial as suggested and test a range of your project types/planned project types and workflows.

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Got the trial and might have been fatal :upside_down_face:

Just importing an EDL and getting markers for all the shots in my edit means instant :heart_eyes: