How connect DM2000 v.1 and Cubase 8?

Hello guys, please someone want/can help me to connect YAMAHA DM2000 V.1 with Cubase 8? I’m not able to control Cubase with DM2000 but surely is my fault … :blush: I need your suggests (ahem, please, step by step otherwise I go in crises :slight_smile: ) about connection and anything to do … Maybe something I forgot to set on the mixer? Or in the Cubase Sync?
Thx in advance to everybody will help me!
(Please, excuse my bad Eng)
Alex :wink:

SIGH … Noone who can\want give me an help? … :cry:

1: plugin mixer usb
2: turn it on (set to internal clock)
3: start cubase
4: open devices
5: open device setup
6: click the plus sign at top left
7: choose DM2000 v1
8: choose usb midi in/out (DM2000 or however its is labelled)
9: use mixer (there may be a “Host/Local” type button on the mixer i have tascam fw-1884 very similar)

cheers that should work
ps.this procedure for adding devices can be found in the cubase operation manual if further info needed

With the Remote Layer you can control the Cubase Mixer and record fader-automation! Perhaps also works the Studio Manager with the mixer. Then in addition is still a total recall function. Currently, there is a problem with the studio manager when it is closed.

Hi DLearyUS and project-mdp and many many thx for your so kind reply. Unfortunately I’m not at home and I’ll be out (and far) for next 2/3 days so I’ll be not able to use my studio … As soon as I’ll be back, naturally, I’ll try with my DM2000\Cubase 8 to use your suggestions … Fingers crossed … :smiley:
Naturally I’ll inform you about my (hopefully) progress
Still many thx.

Hy guys, I’m just back home … :smiley: but … :frowning:
I tried to use your suggestions, but, sigh … they don’t work. For sure is my fault. But I have a (lot of) problem(s) … :laughing:
1)When you choose a device, using the “+” from the list, then you can see it added on the list if you re-click on “devices” Well, on my computer it’s true for ALL DEVICES except for the DM2000v1 … Bhuuuuu …
So if I add a DM2000 v1 (and only it) after it don’t appear on the list.
2) I tried to use the SYNC button on Cubase and I get some results but ONLY if I choose (on the mixer) the Machine Control (so I can use just the buttons control REW-FF-STOP-PLAY-REC - Nothing other!!) I’m able to control Cubase from the DM2000 but ONLY for that buttons … No Faders, No Encoders etc … )
3) I tried, on my mixer, to set DAW (instead Machine Control) but, in this case, I’m not able to control nothing … SIGH … I’m now really confused … Please, don’t stop to help me … What I can do?!?

Please, tolerate me and my Eng.
Thanks to exist.

Have you tried the Mackie Control (optional)?
Do you know the Studio Manager?
Have a look at
What about the setup in the yamaha-mixer? I add you a image of a setup 01V96VCM.
Good luck!

Very kind project - mdp
About Studio Manager I already knew it and I use it for recalling (something like a photography ) but it is JUST static !! But useful … Thx for the link , anyway :wink:
Sorry , I do not understood about Mackie Control ( I have not it so I can not use it . Or , maybe, I’m misunderstanding something ? Sorry in advance in that case ! )
Ok, but following your instructions ( many many thx for the attachment !!! Very useful !! ) I tried to set my DM2000 in a similar way but I’m still not able to control my cubase 8. But something is changed , now , ’ cause, when I press play ( or FF , or Stop or track arming on CUBASE the correspondent on DM2000 led light \ flashes )
So , would you be kind enough to control the attachments and correct my mistakes ?
I will be very grateful and I will pay your coffee and your slices of pizza for life :laughing: :mrgreen:
Sync Cubase.jpg

Mackie is a protocol language to control external equipment. I’m not sure if you need it at all. The question is, what you want to control at all? MMC I do not use, so I can not tell you whether the values are correct. The start and stop commands work already in your DM. Change in the layer view of the DM to remote 1, 2, 3, … and check what options you have for controlling here. Normally, you should control here PAN, fader and EQ of the selected channel. When it comes to controlling plug-ins in Cubase, I think that the DM2000 is not suitable. I use this CMC controller by Steinberg and limit myself only to control the fader/start/stop/record/FFW/FFB on the Yamaha. Hope I could help you a little.
I take a pizza funghi with lots of cheese.

'Morning Ralf, :smiley: and many thx for your patience and your suggestions.
My goal, obviously, is to control Cubase with DM in the fundamentals (Fader, Pan, Eq, and start/stop/rec/ etc) No matter if I’ll be not able to control the plugs and in what way … No MMC? No problem for me. The important is the result. :wink:

My problem is that I can not figure out how to make them work together.
For example, I can not control the faders and \ or the pan though , when I arm a track in Cubase ( or commands FF \ Rew | start \ stop atc ) now, thanks to your suggestions, the corrispondent leds on DM flashes\lighting.
For sure I’m forgetting something, somewhere … sigh … :blush:
Anyway I’m surely ready to follow your way to obtain that result If you teach me …
Excuse my ignorance about the Mackie Control …
About pizza and coffe …Order anything you want and send me the bill … :mrgreen: :laughing:
Always thx.

Hi Alex! The error is probably due to the settings in the DM2000. I do not think the error is found in Cubase. There are more settings in the console.Send me a PM with your personal e-mail, I’ll send you more settings. Here in the forum I can only add 2 photos and with PM only one!

So much kind, Ralf!! :wink:
Rest in wait. Biggest thx!