How create LANES from TRACKS?

Hi, looking to import a bunch of vocal takes for comping in cubase, so I wonder how to import all these to one track and put them on different lanes? Ie the opposite of the “create tracks from lanes” function.

thanks a bunch

what i usually do, is drag my audio on the arrange window, when asked select ‘all to one track’ instead of ‘different tracks’. then i ‘move to origin’, so if they are timestamped they lock to their positions, otherwise they will all go to bar 1111. then right click the track and choose ‘clean up lanes’ and they should all snap into lanes.

Ok thanks!

That leads me to another question regarding this: Is it possible add already present audio events to another tracks´s lanes? Not sure when I would need to do this but i remember doing that in Logic for some reason

yep. just drag them up. make sure delete overlaps is ‘off’. also, i believe if you hold down ‘command’ while you drag they wont slip to the left or right.

Good ol’ drag&drop works for both tracks and lanes, interchangeably.

I have the same scenario and I tried following the suggestions but there are some problems:

Say I have imported 10 takes in my audio pool. The time stamp for them is bar 1050 something, which won’t work for “move to origin”. And I can’t edit the time stamp for all of them to be bar 1 (have to do it one by one).

So what is the simplest way to import all these 10 takes to multiple lanes in a single audio track? There doesn’t seem to be a “Tracks to Lanes” function that can solve this problem for me.