How did I not see this coming! 96khz sounds great but...

So I recently got myself a 96khz/24 bit portable sound recorder and have started making my own drum samples.

I have been looking forward to this moment for a long time…

one problem…


I’d like to remain using 96khz 24 bit audio because no matter what anyone says - it sounds better. Much better.

So I ask thee, how can I bring my CPU back to normal levels again? Hardware solution?


I’m no doctor but if 96kHz recording sounds better to you, I’m afraid that you’re probably half bat. Most of your audience probably aren’t half-bats though, and even if they were most of their speakers can barely reproduce sound above 16kHz properly, so feel free to record at 48kHz or 44.1kHz to save CPU cycles and disk space.

hahaha oh well back to my cave i go

anyway does anyone know of any hardware that can give me more cpu headroom?

i7 6950X perhaps

An SSL and a rack of hardware compressors?

aw man im gonna be saving for 10 years

By which time there will be a widespread outbreak of 512khz. Chase at your peril!

To be honest id probably appreciate it if more people could discourage me from recording in 96khz cos im pretty hell bent on this

Keep two projects open - one for recording, another one for producing. Recording at 96 KHz, then import this in your session which is at 48 KHz.

Basically get all your recording done in 96, work with 48 then when it comes to rendering, render at 96.

Then your audience can hear it in iPhone speakers at a glorious 8 KHz. :mrgreen: :laughing:

haha amazing ill give it a bash :slight_smile:


I’d work at 48Khz and use plugins that are capable of oversampling. Fabfilter etc.

It’s the application of EQ that benefits from higher sample rates.

my old edirol handheld also sounds/records much better at 96k. (old cheap ADDA converters)
when importing and converting them to 48k or 44.1k in Cubase, they still sound great.
Worth a try.

I use an i7 6700k recording live band (12 tracks of drums, 2 bass, 2 guitar amps, Rhodes, vocals etc)
Usually all have either slate vmr vcc… Or softube console 1 brit a channel on all…
Record at 88.2k and still have plenty of horsepower left for mixing/fx/automation… vsti etc…

The difference between 88.2 and 96 is negligible to my ears… but you get slightly less cpu usage which is a good sweet spot.

Although the cpu use is more… I do find when it’s mixed to 44.1 it sounds more natural and smoother than if it was originally recorded at 44.1, the plugins sound better processed.

Even my i5 surface pro 4 copes fine with tracking big 88.2 projects, but cpu runs out if I try to do too much in the way of processing.

On my main daw I use RME’s hdsp9652 into a dangerous source…
The mobile rig is surface pro 4 with RME ufx and octamic xtc .

The reason 96khz sounds better on your system is because of your sound card.

I used to run an M Audio card too but bit the bullet and upgraded to RME about 5 years ago now…
I also used to track at 96Khz with the M Audio card for the same reasons you are… i now use 44.1khz as even that sounds vastly superior to the M Audio unit… As Peake states with his Edirol unit, it’s the converters.

Up until a few months ago i was working on a project with someone who still has the same M Audio Delta 1010 i used to have, eventually i had to ask him to send anything he tracked at his place over at 88.2khz for me, again for the same reason. I don’t think the M Audio clocking is as stable or accurate as RME either.

One of the best things i’ve ever done was to ditch M Audio. I tracked some acoustic guitars for some friends yesterday, KM184 into SSL into RME… no noise, no weirdness, no need to track at 96khz… just 3 VERY happy people at the end of the session.

You already have a capable system. Like a couple of people said, ditch your audio interface and get an RME. It’s money well spent, trust me!

BTW, I record, mix AND master whole projects at 96KHz all the time (just cause I can). Then again, I’m also using UAD plugins, which do offload a bit of processing from my computer. YMMV.

thanks for all the info on this guys really opened my mind, looking for an RME now and will upgrade to a i7 6950X just as soon as i have taken over the world

HAHAHA no that was my plan… And I already have the RME (and yes that helps a lot although no 96k here,)

I have a RME HDSP 9652 PCI if you are interested

Try freezing your tracks.