How disappointing was Steinberg at their home show ?

An update to Wavelab 8 lol is that it ?

I would of thought Steinberg would of at least released something in their homeland show but maybe they have just run out of idea’s or programmers ?
Ohh well think i’ll go and spend some money elsewhere .

Pretty disappointing really .

(ive posted here as every other person doesn’t seem to care where they post now )

Pull your socks up Steinberg your dying of death !

Well I guess everyone “dies of death” eventually.

We probably won’t all agree about the direction that Steinberg has taken over the past couple of years. However, it can’t be denied that they have done a lot of work to develop their core products and anticipate future technical developments. Cubase 7.5.10 is probably the most stable incarnation I have used since I had an Atari. It certainly the most hard-core and in depth DAW I have encountered.
Steinberg has taken a lot of flack recently, some of it from me, but they have continued to develop Cubase and keep it relevant and in front of the pack.

Yes, Cubase is an awesome DAW, and with the problems AVID is facing nowadays, Steinberg is having a strategic opportunity to take advantage of the market.

I think they worked hard to offer a top notch product, I’m glad I work with cubase and I trust steinberg/yamaha.

I completely agree with you on the Cubase 7.5.10 being the most stable DAW going BUT wouldn’t it of been a good idea to release something like GA4 at the MusikMesse or other apps people are waiting for, it is their home country show after all .
Stability of 7.5.10 is not an issue at all , i love it but Steinberg seem to have gone quiet on their product side lately , that’s all im trying to say :wink:

Blimey! What a sad git post. Nothing to complain about so you complain about a trade show. Deeply sad.
What next? “Cubase looks funny when I smoke this stuff, man. Not enough colours!” ?
“One note! I play one note and Cubase won’t make me a hit song. That’s unprofessional, man. Wouldn’t be so hard to program a “make hit song from one button-press” button.” :mrgreen:

You’re not using b#. That’s why you’re not getting the hits. If that doesn’t work, try Cb.

ye i agree , they could of at least come out with products/solutions for left handed people, and me being crossed eye’d too,am deeply disappointed . upgrade after upgrade i cant use cubase fully or its a pain in the bump because i like my tracklist/info on the right and i read right to left, why cant i configure my settings hey?

oh i believe am color blind too, well, only when using cubase…totally …only see black and white. funny that only happens when i boot up my atari, 7.5 works fine on pc …hmmmmm

continuous crashes when i try and load 7.5 on my atari, cant get past the first floppy disk …completely useless. took me ages to burn all those floppy disks grrrrrr!!!

they only announced a few things also … half price stuff
improvements on cubase etc and a bunch of other stuff.

shame they forgot the left handed people.

ps just having a bit of fun during my break, back to tunes!! have a nice day

I really hope they sort your left handed problem out TEX … Ive never heard of the left handed problem before but i can imagine it’s causing you so much pain and anguish , have you tried swapping your eyes over ?