how do add another computer to my software

i couldn’t find this via a subject search… maybe i’m not using the correct words.
I have cubase 10 elements on my Mac. i would like to buy a laptop for travelling… i remember reading somewhere that if i want to use my software on 2 difference computers, i need a ‘dongle’, which i guess is a software usb key ? and that i would have to insert the key into the computer which i am currently running the software in.
is this correct ? i also remember that i may have to ‘convert’ my software to be able to use this usb key ?

can someone direct me to the instructions for what i want ?
or maybe i have to buy a second copy of the software ?
i miss the good old days when you bought a piece of software on 30 diskettes, and you just loaded them into your computer. (wordperfect lol)


Yes once you have the dongle and your license is moved onto it from your computer, then whichever computer the dongle is plugged into will be able to run Cubase. No need to convert anything.

Well, I think by “convert the software”, you probably mean the license has to be “transferred” from the Software eLicense (on the hard drive) to the USB eLicenser. This process happens in eLicense Control Center and is not reversible.

Ahhh. That’s what I’m looking for !