How do assign Midi to a different Track???

In the process of creating my first Project in Cubase, I setup and assigned several Midi tracks to use. But I deleted several tracks that I didn’t use which just by chance were Tracks 1 - 8. Now everything is set up the way I like it with the exception that I’d like to re-assign tracks 9 - 16 to tracks 1 through 8 but I can no longer see those tracks since I deleted them.

Yet I know they still exist because I can view them in the Mixer Console as being unassigned. I tried to see if I could add them back by simply adding a new track, but each new track is assigned the next incremental track number and I don’t see an option to select a particular track; only the number of tracks.

I know for all intent purposes that I could proceed forward with the project and simply go without the use of Tracks 1 - 8 but that doesn’t seem the most efficient way to design a project.

Please Help!!!

Project Logical Editor

Thanks immensely for the response, but could you provide a bit more direction as to how I would accomplish reassigning my existing tracks to tracks that aren’t any longer present using the Project Logical Editor?

I located the Project Logical Editor off of the Edit menu but everything I saw relating to tracks was either to Delete, Mute or Toggle.

I also tried searching the online help but couldn’t find anything specific to the task I’m trying to accomplish.

Could you offer a link to some additional documentation or something???


Modify the Naming preset. :wink: