how do decrease volume of all channels

lets say i have a project with many tracks.
my mix is getting too loud and i want to decrease volume of it to not clip it.

until now my projects were very small with very few tracks where i just lowered the volume of each channel manually.

here there are a lot of tracks.

is there a function where i can easily lower the volume of each track by the same amount?

i do not want to lower the master fader.

or is lowering the masterfader the same trick and does not impact any negative audio degradation?

years ago there was the idea to not mix too hot.

hoping for input, cheers

Yes. Select all Tracks in the Mixconsole and then Q-Link them. There is a key shortcut for this as well. Hold Alt + shift on Windows. On Mac i don’t know.
With this you can move all faders alltogether.


Hi blauswunder,

I posted this answer a few days ago for a chap that had the same issue as you and this was my reply:

Forgive me if you know this already but you’re better of making sure you don’t have any headroom issues before you even start a project by simply reducing the Pre Gain on the master stereo buss by at least -6db!

If you can’t see the Pre Rack on the stereo buss turn it on by selecting the ‘Racks’ icon, towards the top left of the mixer and you will see Pre (Filters/Gain/Phase) in the list!

Now your headroom issues will be a thing of the past and you won’t be overloading all your plugins too!

Hope this helps?

Kind regards,

James Colah

thank you guys for the response.

both ways are very welcome.

It sounds like you might benefit from reading these excellent threads regarding turning things down vs gain staging: