How Do I Access Cubase AND Third Party Loops And Samples?

I have already watched HOURS and HOURS and HOURs and HOURS of paid tutorials on Cubase. Even after DAYS of tutorial watching, I have NO IDEA how to open up and browse either the supplied Cubase loops and samples or my third party loops and samples. (This is really something that should be self evident in well designed software)

Even after spending an enormous amount of time learning Cubase, I STILL had to end up Googling “loops in Cubase” and was pointed to something called Media Bay.

I have opened up this Media Bay, and that thing is an unsightly mess of a confusing nightmare that makes zero sense to me.

I then selected something called “loop browser” but the only thing that pops up is something that looks just like that bastard Media Bay, except it says “loop browser” on top.

I go into this “loop browser” and… there are a bunch of “VST Presets” and “Track Preset Audio” choices??? WTF??? When did VST presets and Track Preset Audio’s (whatever the ■■■■ those are) become “loops”.

Why are they in the “Loop Browser”. I have “All Media Types” selected, so if I scroll down, I can also access Cubase included loops (FINALLY :smiley: ), but where are the Cubase included one shot samples?

I can’t find the “One Shot Browser” anywhere? How about all of MY third party loops and one shot samples?

Where can I find the “Third Party Loops Browser” and the “Third Party One Shots” browser?

Please tell me that there is a simple to use, neat and clean, all in one browser that pops up on the left or right of the screen, like in Studio One, Ableton Live and FL Studio.

I can’t find any command to open up a simple “Browser” window, with all of my stuff in alphabetical order.

So… I guess I need to know
What are “Track Preset Audio’s”?

Why is there non loop stuff in the loop browser?

Where are the included Cubase one shot samples?

Where are my third party loops?

Where are my third party one shot samples?

Where does Cubse hide it’s simple, user friendly browser (It MUST have one) that operates just LIKE EVERY OTHER BROWSER in every other DAW on the planet?

I think many of us understand your frustration my friend… BUT… this is clearly down to a lack of familiarity on your own part i’m afraid… Cubase is a HUGE application, or rather in effect it’s a suite of many applications and it would appear that the media bay (hot key F5) uses an unfamiliar paradigm as far as you are concerned.

I purchased around 3 GB of conga/various percussion loops/single hits from loopmasters last weekend, i copied them all to my samples drive, scanned the new folders with media bay and all was good pretty much instantly… the only thing i had to do was tag them with my own meta data for my own purposes, which was also straight forward using media bay… it took me about 20 minutes.

I was only able to do this though because i have previously taken the time to become familiar with media bay and its way of working.

Have you watched this video which was the first one i found on a certain search engine?.. Adding Media Into Cubase's Media Bay - YouTube it’s about as straight forward as possible.

It’s not massively complicated to use but it’s different to what you’re used to… so the logical thing to do would be to become familiar with it :wink: