How do I add colors to my pallette in Cubase 12

How do I add colors to my pallette in Cubase 12. Could do it before, Thank you

Is project colours setup what you are looking for? Alt+Shift+S (Also under the project file menu) :slight_smile:

One would think so, but I simply cannot find a way of adding another color to the pallette, either using this or the artist pallette icon on the toolbar. I used to be able to do this, but things have changed. FYI I have 18 colours - not a lot.

Well under the presets bar you can choose more colours.
Screenshot 2022-06-06 101733
You can also click on the cog wheel of the screen you posted and select insert colour,

Which will add another colour underneath the one you click on. This new ‘Untitled colour’ as all the others can be customised by double clicking on the colour it displays.

Thank you. That has got me sorted. Thank you for your efforts - great graphics :slight_smile:


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You’re welcome, glad I could help. :slight_smile:

Also if you click the Gear Icon, like after your Woodwinds in the first pic it lets you insert colors