How do I allocate midi channels in different midi outputs

Not sure how to phrase this…
I can allocate midi channels 1-16 to my instruments in the Inspector, of course. Now, Kontakt, like the old Gigastudio, has four banks of midi channels making 64 midi outs in total.
But I cannot see how to allocate any more than 16. In my old Cubase (3.6) I simply right-cicked on the midi channel column and I could choose any one of the four midi outputs/banks of my Gigastudio.

I looked in the manual on the inspector page and it said that you could allocate midi channels there. But there was no option to select anything beyond those sixteen channels.
How do I allocate all 64 midi channels? See pic.

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In-between the MIDI Channel field and the Drum Map (No drum map) field, set the Bank number. I hope this will work with Kontakt.

Kontakt actually doesn’t work like that– it only exposes one midi port in Cubase. The user should simply add more Kontakt instances to get the desired result.

Hi Steve,

Banks are not MIDI Ports. I was thinking you can really switch Bank Select MSB and LSB (CC0 and CC32).

Hey Martin

I know, but with Kontakt it’s actually 4 midi ports, and isn’t that what the user is asking about?

It’s also possible to use program and bank change commands, of course, but the setup is different. This user wants to switch midi channels as a means to preview sounds he has loaded into the plugin’s slots.

Thanks. I’ll check up on whether Kontakt shows only one port. It would surprise me if this was true as my 20 year old Gigastudio always showed 4 ports.
But there we are.