How Do I assign Midi CC to Up and Down Keys?

I want to use a MIDI pedal to move the track selection UP and DOWN.
Does anyone know how to assign a MIDI CC# to move the track select UP and DOWN like the arrows on the keyboard?

I’m reading TFM in the MIDI section but don’t see anything about the MIDI CC# for track selection or move up/down. The online manual is a royal PITA. ):

MIDI Realtime Parameters and MIDI Effects
MIDI Track Parameters
MIDI Modifiers
MIDI Effects
Transpose and Velocity on the Info Line
Using MIDI Devices
MIDI Functions
MIDI Editors
Expression Maps (Cubase Pro only)

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

I was able to find Selecting Tracks with Arrow Keys in the manual:

But it doesn’t say what CC is assigned to the arrows.
Where can I find the CC assignments to the Arrow keys??

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I figured it out. (:
Cubase doesn’t have default MIDI assignments for actions like start/stop. The MIDI controller’s CC# are assigned TO the Cubase actions.
I had it backwards.

My steps in a nutshell:

In Studio, Studio Setup
Press the + button and select Generic Remote
Click: Generic Remote
Check: Learn
Select the first Control Name and press the controller button which send the MIDI CC. Type the Action in the Control Name field.
Select the next Control Name and Repeat for additional controller buttons.

Go to the bottom table.
Select the first Control Name (the name should automatically change to the Control Name in the top table)
Select Device. In my case it is Controller
Select Channel / Category: Transport
Select Value/Action: Record

Repeat Values for: Start/Stop, Down, UP

The only problem is I can only record 2 tracks. Cant advance to the next track even after it is stopped.
Up/Down arrows don’t work after 2 tracks are recorded either. ):


I figured it out.
Well, maybe a kludege but for some reason to get the recording to advance to the next track, you have to press the Left Arrow then the Down Arrow. So I had to create a macro that presses the Left then Down arrows.

In case anyone’s interested, here’s the screen shot of the macros and MIDI controller assignments to the MIDI foot switcher.