how do i block incoming note-off velocity data ?

is there a way to block or filter incoming note-off velocity data from reaching cubase (and Halion Symphonic Orchestra)?
this is the background of my question:
my digital piano roland fp-7f sends note off velocity data to cubase which in HSO leads to an unwanted and messy (note-off) sound at the end of each sound when releasing the keys, especially when i want to play fast string-phrases. this effect is very annoying and makes working with halion symphonic orchestra more or less impossible. i know that AFTER RECORDING i can set all the note-off valus to zero in the list-editor, but i want to have that already from beginning when playing the keyboard while recording into cubase. I did not have this problem with my old input-keyboard (Ensoniq ESQ-1)
Thanks for advice! (CUBASE 5.5.3)

Have a look at the Transformer midi plugin.

thanks a lot, split, that´s the end of all my pain, the problem is history !! :slight_smile:)