How do I buy after the trial? Kinda getting old.

My Opcode rig finally died after 25 years of faithful service. I have tried about 20 different programs, and Cubase is as close to Opcode as anything I can find, with very similar workflow. I did not need recording or VST stuff, only a competent midi sequencer. I tried using Reaper and I was about to start slamming my head into the wall. Cubase was a breath of fresh air. I opened it and it worked. Done and done.

So I downloaded the Elements 9.5 trial, I like it, and now I want to buy it. But Steinberg is making it very difficult for me to give them money.
I have tried a few things but never ended up at the “heres where you give us your money” part of the site…

Where I stand is:
The program has now expired
I have emailed Steinberg Tech support with no answer.
I have money

thats about it
thank you


You can buy it online here (current version Cubase Elements 10), or you can buy it from your local distributor/seller, which might be easier.